There will be twelve aid stations on the marathon course. Aid stations are located approximately every two miles and each will have a portable toilet. Stations will be stocked with water and Gatorade, with Gu Energy Gel at select stations. Here’s the complete rundown of the stations with approximate locations:

Half Marathon

Mile 2.0
Mile 4.3
Mile 6.4 (Gu Energy Gel)
Mile 6.6 (Gu Energy Gel)
Mile 8.7
Mile 11.0


Mile 2.0
Mile 4.3
Mile 5.4 (Gu Energy Gel)
Mile 8.4
Mile 10.7
Mile 12.2 (Gu Energy Gel)
Mile 13.4 (Gu Energy Gel)
Mile 14.8
Mile 17.2
Mile 19.8 (Gu Energy Gel)
Mile 21.9
Mile 24.2